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Would you like to exhibit at the next edition? I originally got your contact on an online directory.

februari 12, 2018

Dear Fred,

I hope you are well and in good health.

I am the booking manager for Parallax Art Fair, which was recently featured on BBC Radio London and London Live TV. Would you like to exhibit at the next edition? I originally got your contact on an online directory.

The twenty-second edition takes place at the prestigious Kensington Town Hall in London 20-22 July 2018. There is a car park under the venue so travelling and unloading art work is no problem. Our fairs attract over 250 exhibitors in all fine, decorative and applied mediums from all over the world and many collaborative projects over the years have come about through the meeting of like minds at the fair too (we recently organised two shows by Setsuko Ono). I have included a movie of the fair for you . You can find further information about exhibition spaces on the application form. The cheapest space is just £35 for the entire three days


You can also ship work if you can’t travel and staff will do everything on your behalf. London is hugely successful as an art and design mecca and it is where most of the audience and collectors are for art and design. Kensington and Chelsea are the residential areas where most of them live in London.

Please fill out the July 2018 Application Form

The deadline for applications is 10th April 2018.

Do get in touch if you have further questions. There is a Facebook and Twitter group you might like to join. Thanks for your time and we look forward to viewing examples of your work.

All best,

Tom Moore

Parallax Art Fair London

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