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mei 25, 2017

If your opening is too tight, you MUST relax. How fast you go, has a lot to do with just how relaxed you get. Move it in a little and take it out. Do it again and again. In time you will find it will go in and out very easy. You may want to do this for a few days, each day a little longer and a little deeper. Once inside your ass, you will feel the sphincter muscles. These are the muscles that keep the door closed when you want it to be. So, you must learn to relax so that the door will be open when you invite a friend in. This friend is first your finger and in time a cock of a friend, or lover. If you lock it shut, your friend can not enter. It will take a little time for you to learn to control these muscles. Step Eight: Day by day, you will learn to allow your sphincter muscles to relax and then you will see how easy your one finger goes in and out. When you want to CLOSE the door, it is easy. As this control is learned, you are then ready for two fingers. Make sure they are clean and nails cut. Yep, where one finger was at first, wow, now two go in easy and enjoyable. At this point you are ready for a dildo. I suggest a small one. Nothing over 6 inches and about the same size as your cock. NEVER put anything else up your ass. Fingers, dildo’s and cocks, that’s it. No glass bottles or anything else. A number of people have had to go to the hospital emergency room after putting something up their ass and it get out of their hand and went into the rectum and had to be removed by a doctor. The idea is to enjoy getting fucked, not causing HURT or damage to your body. Step Nine: I spend this entire step to tell you one thing. Proper lubrication and relaxation is the key to fun in anal- intercouse. You must have a lot of lubrication and you must relax. You may have read where people will say it will be painful. That is not true. Yes, there will be pain if you go to quickly. If the sphincter muscles do not open and relax, there will be pain bringing FORCE against them. And that’s it. A person being RAPED in a jail does NOT want to have anal- intercouse. But two guys that love and care about each other, following the rules of one finger, two fingers and then cock, slow and easy with lots of lube, and a good hard-on, with lots of love and tender caring, and everyone will be in heaven. The giver and receive of anal-intercouse will enjoy. AN IMPORTANT FACT! One thing I have learned is that not everyone wants to get, receive anal-intercouse. And they will NOT relax and allow their sphincter muscles to relax. So yes, there is a problem. And they are NOT going to enjoy anal-intercouse. It is that simple. If you are one of those people, face the facts. Do not try and receive anal-intercouse! In our next lesson, we go into the last part, getting that hard cock up your tight ass and enjoying it. We will take it step by step again and this time, a good hard cock will enter you.

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