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mei 25, 2017

Having anal-intercourse is where one man puts his dick up the ass of another man or woman. A woman with a strap on dildo who fucks a man or a woman is a daughter of Satan. DO NOT FORGET HE OR SHE WILL GO TO HELL. DO NOT TAKE PART IN THE SIN OF JEZZEBEL. YA KNOW WHAT HAPPENED! THE DOGS SWALLOWED HET BREASTS AND , BUTTOCKS  AND HOT UNHOLY CUNT

Most times, pumping until he comes into the other man’s/WOMAN’S ass. Let the good times roll. Millions of men AND WOMEN do this DAILY, and BOTH of them enjoy it. If done properly it is SAFE and does not cause PAIN. This happens to be the way AIDS is most passed between people today who are gay.


Please do not think otherwise. My lover and I just enjoyed two hours plus of great gay love making, ending with a super time with anal intercourse.

Bruce, who is currently rubbing my back, just said HELLO  FUCK THE SHIT OUTTA YIOUR ASSES FOLKS;- If I died tonight WITH MY ANUS FILLED WIT MIXED UP CONFUSION, I would die a “happy man.”

Thanks be to God. The below information is education. That is, I want to help others LEARN what I have come to know as truth. If someone rams a hard dick up your ass, such as in a rape case, you can be SURE it is going to hurt.

It is going to cause much PAIN and suffering. White stains and blood. All around your head if you are busy being a sixty nine.

You can be VERY sure such rape is not going to be enjoyable.

I would think nothing of torturing and killing slowly such a person if they ever did it to me.

And I am against the death penalty BUT NOT AGAINST SEXUAL TORTURE.

But defending yourself , is justice.

Okay, on the other side of the coin, I have enjoyed anal- intercouse with someone, well a number of people over the years, with cock up the ass many times and it was very enjoyable to both of us. I have also received anal-intercouse and have found it very enjoyable. SEXUAL HEALING IS THE ANSWER TO ALL YOUR PROBLEMS.

The big difference was, there was NO RAPE, but instead it was true love making. NO MIND FUCKING SHIT OUT OF THE BLUE IN YOUR ANUS.

This lesson is to explain how to make love with someone of the same sex if you are a man.

Since it is a very detail lesson, I have set it up in two parts. Part one is the “receiver of anal-intercourse” and part two is the “giver of anal-intercourse (lesson 8).” You should have some kind of picture in mind as far as the anas, rectum, bladder, prostate, sphincter and other parts of the male sexual equipment.

I will be making reference these parts from time to time.

So, if you do not know about them, please find out. Okay, having anal-intercourse with someone should be a very special event in your life, each time. You should look upon it as a gift that you can give to someone. A very enjoyable gift. It is something that one should NOT JUST expect of you. And it is NOT something to make or keep a relationship together. It should be treated like the icing on the top of the cake. Your partner can still eat the cake without the icing, but the icing sure makes it very sweet in a relationship. This is very important to understand. And allowing someone to have anal- intercouse with you, should be very special indeed. For you are opening up a very wonderful world to that person. You are opening up yourself to them COMPLETELY. Be it the very first time someone receives anal-intercouse or the millionth time, full consideration of both parties should be there. Let us look at this in steps, so we start with: Step One: The communications between the couple. Be it the very first time you date someone, or if you have been in a one-to-one relationship for 20 years, there must be a line of communications open before an enjoyalbe anal-intercourse event can can happen. Both parties need to know what the other wants and expects.

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