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april 25, 2017

Fredvanderwal's Weblog


Lila was in Amsterdam a very popular young lady and scored high among worn out barflies of the capital with their haggard faces. The venereal Song And Dance People who won the world and lost their souls. Little girl lost. She took herself so seriously…She’s been employed in her teens by the largest pornography publisher in London in the sixties, a job her political left father proposed. Several years she lid in Denmark wirt a Danish painter who made paintings in an old fashioned out of date style, went to an Island after a fewe years to return at last tot Amsterdam where she worked in the office of a real estate broker and married a psychologist from whom she divorced. I met Lila in 1958 in the town of Haarlem and after 9 years in Heemstede and 18 years later in Amsterdam where she visited an exhibition…

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