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maart 16, 2015

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FRED VAN DER WAL 1942 – 2015

Artist painter Fred van der Wal was born in 1942 at the height of the second world war in the village of Renkum, The Netherlands.
In aug. 1944, the family at three o’clock in the morning fled half an hour escaping an arrest of the SD (The German Nazi Secret Service) and went to Amsterdam. His parents were members of the Dutch Resistance.
Two weeks later, during Operation Marketgarden the family home, library of 7000 books and the bookstore of his parents was destroyed by German soldiers and artillery of the British.
On the run to Amsterdam Aug. 1944 the train where Fred and his parents traveled to the capital had been fired several times by British spitfires.
The endangerend youth of the artist was eventful and tragic. His biological parents who lived elsewhere tried for years to get him in an orphanage to harass the grandparents where Fred lived from his 2-nd birthday.
Years of legal processes followed from 1952 untill 1963 when the artist reached the age of 21 years.
At the age of eighteen years, the grandparents forbade him in 1960 to visit an art school and forced him to follow five years at the training college for teachers at the level of an elemen tary school. Three months before the final exam after five long years he dropped out in 1966, followed by three years of bitter poverty in Amsterdam-C.
He refused military service on grounds of conscience and tore his military passport.
He was refused several times for a government grant and membership of several artists’ asso ciations from 1965 untill 1972.
May 1967 he moved back to Amsterdam. From 1966-1974 he lived in a house in the centre of Amsterdam.
In 1967 Fred became a regular artist at the figurative Galerie Mokum until 1973 in Amster dam and in 1969 he took part in the exhibition Dutch Realists in the Arnhem Municipal Museum. Between 1966 and 2015 the artist exhibited more than 350 times at one man and groupshows in Amsterdam, The Hague, Paris, London, New York.
His work was boycotted by the Reformed Christian Artists Association and the christian publishers company Art Revisited for unknown reasons.
Within Gallery Mokum the other artists fiercely resisted Fred van der Wal against his work and person.
The conservative painters found the work of Fred van der Wal too modern and related to Pop Art.
In 1972 Fred joined the famous artist association Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam and in 1974 he became a member artist of Pulchri Studio in The Hague.
In France, he became a member of Le Groupe Nevers. from 2004-2014. An invitation to the Florence Biennale, the mentally and physically unbroken artist rejected.
In 2007 he became a member of the Dutch Society of draughtsmen.
After 2009, the active, irrepressible painter/ writer / blogger/ex-martial arts expert published dozens of books on art, literature, photography and autobiography by several Publishing Houses.
Fred practiced between 1957 and 1995 three martial arts and joined in 2015 a shooting club in thevillage where he lived.

Additional info:

Fred worked from 1964-1967 in the village of Heemstede, from 1967-1978 in Amsterdam from 1978-2002 in Friesland and left Holland after 24 years of opposition from the art world to move to Northern France Sept.
He lived and worked in France from 2002-2009 and returned to Holland to spend 6 months in Holland and six months in France from 2009-2015.
His work was still boycotted by the Dutch press and several exhibition spaces and galleries in the North of the Netherlands which amounted in practice to a prolongation of the dutch left wing professional artists ban.

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